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Freelancing at Tin Can Studios


Black Dahlias at Ingrid’s studio… black as my heart!

Hi guys! So I’ve been away for quite some time from the blogging world again. (le sigh) However, I have not been absent from fashion and floral-ing! Lots of freelancing has happened, I’ve got my first solo job here in New Jersey and most excitingly… I got engaged myself! I stumbled upon lots of cell phone snaps of jobs past, so I decided to start sharing those. Here are some from a freelancing job in Brooklyn with my most favorite girl Ingrid at Tin Can Studios. She is a gem of a designer and an even bigger gem of a human! So happy to have met her and thankful for all the fun in and out of her studio! Big hugs to her xxoo


A quick phone snapshot of the inside of the facility…


One of my proudest bridesmaid bouquets… the little cosmo faces make me happy! And the rad art installation behind me isn’t shabby either!


Pretty roses


Selfies at Ingrid’s! I’ve got a Nelly eye patch…


Another quick snap of a bud vase…


My new love… Roadsidia! haha love the name


Olivia and I got the most fitting beverages at random in our delivered lunch to the studio. We thought we’d snap a pick for Ingrid!


At market like YAY!


Nice shot of Ingrid’s farm tables! What a beauty they are… I wish they could come to California for my wedding!